Tikun Olam, Bezalel MFA Graduate show, 2014

Tikkun-Olam is  a territorial –pictorial move: the painting is now rests on the floor, the ground is it’s subject and matter, the fabric creates a zone, land, and generates in his presence a kind of a peninsula, the materials are  burnt into the fabric so you could  step on it and leave no traces. This is not a picture of a clear ‘something’ but the thing itself.  The grid of the piece, bonds to the grid of the triptych that surrounds the walls which shows a kind of mental map, equation that exploded and now embodied in visual fragments. The shape Hosts the information thus obtained a cognitive chart of a Haunted and detached consciousness: distorted geometric shapes wild feather, cube of poison, a telescope, eyes emerge from the canvas, and more. A closer look will make known more pictorial data and small details that form the whole. Away from the defined area there is additional work:’ the world’s stomach’. This is an abstract form that associated with many figurative shapes such as a continent (from Aerial view) or a kind of an ancient beast. The contour bounds a rough materiality and composed of plaster and paint. White envelope, a postcard, and an egg of gold these small works are the Objects of an opportunity to a new world, objects of distance and detachment.

Work’s Details