Space Shuttle


Space Shuttle is a project that was launched for the first time in Loving Art. Making Art. 2012, in which artists were invited to create artworks specifically for their studio space. The project wished to raise questions concerning work processes and allow artists to completely and organically mend the gap between the space in which they create and the exhibition space. The premise of the project was that the studio constitutes a ‘space shuttle’ of sorts – a place that provides the artist with conditions of freedom and quiet and therefore holds the possibility of experimenting, envisioning, creating, and believing. The fusion of a studio with a temporary exhibition space allows the experimental nature of the work process to be maintained all through the ‘exhibition stage’. At the same time, inviting the general public to visit inside an artwork offers an opportunity for a personal encounter between the visitors and the artists-hosts, unmediated by guards or curators, and transforms the private studio into a semi-public space for the weekend of the event
Curator: Hila Cohen-Schneiderman